Nursing Home Care For Parents

My parent needs nursing home care. What should I do?

Witnessing a parent’s failing health is emotionally very difficult for most children.  And the decision to place a parent in a nursing home can be a very painful decision to make.  Most parents want to remain in their home, but it may no longer be a safe environment for them to live in.  Their doctors may have concluded that they need 24 hour care.  Now is the time to schedule an appointment to see us.  We have guided literally hundreds of families through similar circumstances.  We will provide expert advice on how best to qualify for benefits as early as possible and we have experience in dealing with the more difficult eligibility questions that can arise.  We are known for our compassionate approach to long term care planning and will maintain a high level of service through what is often a long, grueling process.  Call us for a consultation today.

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